Hot Cougar Feet

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I love my feet, I want you to love my feet. And you will. ;) I am a singer, lyrisict and writer and therefore I am very creative. So every now and then you will see a pic that indulges my creativity. Please indulge with me. I have recently developed a love for my feet. I'm not sure why, but growing up I just didn't like them! :) Now, I think they are great. So many things can be healed through the feet. We can have sex, with just our feet. Feet are truly amazing. Feet should truly be worshipped, cherished and spoiled.

Now, I want to know about you. What do you want me to do with my feet? What do you imagine when you see me suck on my toes? Since I'm new to this art, give me your suggestions. As a member, you will have them. My feet will be all yours. I will crinkle my soles for you. I will suck my toes for you... what do you want?

So there it is. My site in a nutshell. It will grow as I do. I do hope you will continue to share the discovery of my feet with me! ;)

Members have special privileges.  ;)

Let's see... some of you have been requesting more info... I guess I left a little too much mystery. ;)

I wear a size 8.5 to 9 depending on the shoe or boot. I am a little self conscious about my feet, so here's a secret... I buy my flip flops bigger than what I need to so my feet look smaller. Silly, huh? I am 5'6" and I weigh 136lbs. I'm pretty down to earth and open, but I do have my "female" moments. This website is my everything, so I am usually on line and ready to be here for you in any way that you may want me...

I love to have a tongue between my toes... OMG, that is amazing!! I want to blindfold you and tease you with my feet. Hover them just about your face so that you can feel them but can't touch them. I want to take my feet and rub them all over your body and finish you off in the most delightful way. I want you on your knees worshiping my feet. Kiss them, suck them, smell them. Breathe in my essence. Tickle and tease my feet in hose... that feels so sensuous. I have a fantasy to trample your cock and balls with my shoed feet and then to feel you with my hosed and then naked feet. I have never trampled anyone before, would you like to do this with me? Come inside my little cubs and you will never want to leave my den... :)

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